Questions about delivery

I have missed delivery of my parcel(s). What should I do next?

Our Yodel driver will have left a calling card with a parcel reference number on it. With this number you can find out where your parcel is and rearrange a delivery over the phone or through this website.

If one of our Yodel couriers has attempted to deliver your parcel, please use the number written on the reverse of the card to contact the courier directly.

I have received a Yodel card with a reference number on it. What should I do next?

To arrange a redelivery for your parcel(s), please follow these instructions:

If your card is orange, please use this website to arrange redelivery. Use the number underneath "Your Reference / Card ID" to search for your parcel(s):


If your card is green, you will find a mobile phone number on the back. This will enable you to contact your local courier in order to arrange a mutually convenient time for redelivery of your parcel.


There is a reference number / card ID as well as a parcel number on my call card. Which one do I use?

We recommend you use the number under "Your Reference / Card ID" to arrange redelivery of your parcel(s). If we have more than one parcel for you this number will link all of your parcels together.

The "parcel number" can be used to track an individual parcel. Please see Questions about tracking to find out more.

What time will my delivery be made?

This depends on the delivery arrangement made by the sender of your parcel. Unless they have chosen a specific timed delivery for your parcel, delivery will take place any time between 7am and 9pm.

Can my parcel be left with a neighbour or in a safe place at my property?

If the sender of your parcel has not requested a signature for your delivery, our driver can attempt to leave your parcel in a safe place. To protect the safety of your goods, we have guidelines in place as to what counts as a "safe place".

If your parcel has been left in a safe place , our driver will post a card through your door to let you know where the parcel has been left.

So if you're expecting a parcel, remember to check safe areas like sheds and porches before getting in touch with us.

Where the sender of your parcel has requested a signature, our driver may, for your convenience, attempt to leave the parcel with a neighbour if you are not in. If this happens, our driver will post a card through your door to let you know where the parcel has been left.

Where the sender of your parcel stipulates that the parcel can only be delivered to the specified address, our drivers are unable to leave parcels with a neighbour. In these situations a calling card will be left at your address, so you can get in touch with further instructions.

Can I collect my parcel from your service centre?

Yes, certainly. You'll need to let us know at least 24 hours in advance so we can get your parcel ready for collection and make sure no further delivery attempts are made.

If your parcel is being delivered by a Yodel courier (on what is called our Yodel Neighbourhood service), we will attempt to deliver three times, before it is returned to a Yodel service centre. Please ensure that you leave 48 hours after the final delivery attempt to book the collection of your parcel.

These details are on the calling card left by our Yodel driver.

What identification do I need to pick up my parcel?

For security reasons, we ask that you bring:

  • The calling card we left for you.
  • Photographic ID (e.g. passport, driving licence).

If you are swapping an exchange item, please also remember to bring the original item as well as ID.

What if I need someone to collect on my behalf?

If you need someone to collect your parcel for you, for security reasons they will need to bring:

  • The calling card we left for you.
  • Proof of your name/address e.g. recent utility bill, driving licence.

Questions about collections

I have missed a collection. What should I do?

You may be able to arrange for us to call for your collection on another day. Enter the card ID number in the "Your Reference" field and your postcode in the "Postcode" field on MyYodel and follow the instructions.

How can I check if it is possible to rearrange my collection?

Our Yodel driver / courier will have left a calling card. There are two types of calling card:

Green card

If you have a green card, this means that one of our local couriers has attempted to collect your parcel.

The courier will have written their telephone number on the card so you will be able to call them directly to rearrange for them to collect your parcel. Do not reschedule your collection via MyYodel.



What if the Courier has not written their number on the card?

There is a printed number on the card. If you ring this number they will be able to give you your local courier's phone number.

Orange card

If your card is orange, you may still be able to rearrange the collection. You can check by visiting the MyYodel website (Alternatively you may be able to arrange the collection using our automated phone line. This number is also on the calling card.).


I am on the MyYodel website. How do I check if my collection can be rearranged?

Once on the site you will see a section called "Track Your Parcel". In the box named "Your Reference" you will need to enter the card ID number, which you will find in the bottom left-hand corner of the card, under "Your Reference / Card ID".



You will also need to enter the postcode in the "Postcode" box. Once you have entered this information, click the "Go" button.

On clicking the "Go" button, you will be taken to a tracking page that will show you details of your collection. If we are able to reschedule the collection for you, you will see a tab called "Manage Your Parcel". When you click on this tab you will be taken to new page that will allow you to choose a new date for us to pick up your parcel. Select the date you want and click on the Reschedule button to confirm.

What happens if my collection can't be rearranged?

You will need to refer back to your supplier for advice.

Questions about tracking

How do I track my parcel online?

To track your parcel online you can use this website. Simply enter your parcel or reference number and postcode on the home page.